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While this page is being written please refer to the Network Configuration Settings section of the manual page (git source.)

These settings are only used if IP configuration is globally enabled in IWD's main configuration file using the [General].EnableNetworkConfiguration setting, see the General Settings section of the iwd.config(5) manual page (git source.)

Example configurations

If network configuration is globally enabled, by default a DHCP request is sent immediately after IWD connects to a network. If a DHCP lease is obtained, the settings from the lease are used to configure the local interface's IP address, netmask, gateway address, local internet domain and to configure the DNS entries into the system resolver.

If the Address and Gateway settings are present in the network config file's IPv4 section, a static configuration is used instead as in the following example. The other settings are optional.


Some of the optional settings can be used alone to override the values in the DHCP lease.

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