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-This is a blank page+=== Introduction === 
 +iNet Wireless Daemon (iwd) project aims to provide a comprehensive Wi-Fi connectivity solution for Linux based devices. ​ The core goal of the project is to optimize resource utilization:​ storage, runtime memory and link-time costs.  ​This is accomplished by not depending on any external libraries and utilizes features provided by the Linux Kernel to the maximum extent possible. ​ The result ​is a self-contained environment that only depends on the Linux Kernel and the runtime C library. 
 +=== Architecture === 
 +{{ wiki:​iwd-architecture.png |Architecture image}} 
 +=== Deeper dive into various topics === 
 +  *[[GettingStarted|Getting Started]] 
 +  *[[NetworkConfigurationSettings|Network Configuration Settings]] 
 +  *[[IPConfiguration|IP Configuration & Related Settings]] 
 +  *[[NetworkManager|Network Manager]] 
 +  *[[Debugging|Debugging]] 
 +  *[[Interface Lifecycle|Interface Lifecycle]] 
 +  *[[AddressRandomization|MAC address randomization]] 
 +  *[[Offloading|Offloading Handshake to the firmware]] 
 +  *[[AP Mode|AP Mode]] 
 +=== Feedback and Community === 
 +  * Subscribe to the [[https://​​postorius/​lists/​​|Mailing List]] 
 +  * Join the IRC channel (#iwd on 
 +  * Clone the [[https://​​pub/​scm/​network/​wireless/​iwd.git|git repository]] 
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