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 The above would only print debug messages from the station module. The above would only print debug messages from the station module.
 +Sometimes users or developers will want to share debug logs with other developers to help in debugging. ​ Some, who considered the SSIDs or MAC addresses (BSSIDs) in their debug logs sensitive, have used the following commands to filter the logs.  IWD will eventually support doing this internally.
 +$ sed -E "​s/​([0-9a-fA-F]{2}:?​){6}/​11:​22:​33:​44:​55:​66/"​ iwd.log | sed -e "​s/​SSID:​\ .*, f/SSID: xxx f/" | sed '​s/​Added new Network .* security/​Added new Network "​xxx"​ security/'​
 ==== Enabling TLS Debugging ==== ==== Enabling TLS Debugging ====
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 denkenz@iwd-test ~ $ sudo iwmon --write /​path/​to/​file.pcap denkenz@iwd-test ~ $ sudo iwmon --write /​path/​to/​file.pcap
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +==== Debug environment variables summary ====
 +Here are the environment variables you can set to enable specific debug output in addition to the ''​-d''​ switch.
 +^                    ^                                                                ^
 +| ''​IWD_TLS_DEBUG'' ​     | Debug output for TLS tunnels used by EAP methods ​              |
 +| ''​IWD_GENL_DEBUG'' ​    | Debug output for Generic Netlink communication with the kernel |
 +| ''​IWD_RTNL_DEBUG'' ​    | Debug output for Route Netlink communication with the kernel ​  |
 +| ''​IWD_DHCP_DEBUG'' ​    | Debug output for the internal DHCP client ​                     |
 +| ''​IWD_WSC_DEBUG_KEYS''​ | (requires ''​-d''​) Print out credentials obtained through WSC   |
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